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  • Russian Circles - Lisboa
  • Russian Circles - Calla
  • Russian Circles - Overboard
  • Russian Circles - Afrika
  • Russian Circles - Mota
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22:52:17And So I Watch You From Afar - Set Guitars to KillCurrent Song
22:43:18Russian Circles - Carpe
22:37:53Leech - Turbolina
22:27:15Russian Circles - Memorial (feat. Chelsea Wolfe)
22:19:16Gifts From Enola - City Lights Scraped The Sky
22:05:23Ninth Moon Black - Animus Lumino
21:57:50Ninth Moon Black - Numeratio
21:45:32Pet Slimmers of the Year - I Am The Ocean
21:39:05Gespenst - The Bloodline

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